Author: Kendle

What Is The Best Hay For Horses

Choosing which type of hay to feed your favorite equine can be challenging.  Just as we humans try to eat high quality nutritious food to stay healthy, our horses often need the same level of dietary care.    But how do you choose the best hay for your horse?  The […]

How Much Hay Should A Horse Eat: A Definitive Guide

Horses love to eat…and eat…and eat.  As natural grazers, most of their day is spent nibbling grasses.  If your horse doesn’t have access to fresh grass, it is important to provide him with good quality, clean hay.  But how much hay should you feed your horse?  After consulting several veterinary […]

9 Best Horse Saddles That Every Trail Rider Will Love

Trail riding is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable types of horse back riding.  Miles of trails and beautiful scenery make every minute worth the ride.  However, long hours in a poorly designed saddle will make you regret that all day adventure.  Staying comfortable is easier than you think […]