Author: Kendle

Should I Ride My Horse Everyday: What A Healthy Horse Needs

Just about every horse owner dreams of long rides and countless hours of galloping through beautiful pastures.  But once reality sets in, you have probably realized that riding everyday is not always possible or practical.  We all get busy with life, work and family. But that brings up a good […]

Do You Need Horse Riding Lessons: An Honest Answer

Once you venture into the world of horseback riding, you’ll quickly discover that there is far more to it than just hopping on your horse and galloping across the country side.  Obviously, a well trained horse is critical but all the instructors I know argue that a well trained rider […]

Is Your Horse Rubbing Their Tail: Here’s How To Fix It

Ever have an itch that scratching just won’t relieve?  If so, then the next time you see your horse enthusiastically rubbing his tail on a fence board, you’ll know how he feels.  It’s not simply boredom.  There is probably a good reason for all that rubbing and you might want […]

Do Horses Need Shade: Here Are The Facts You Need

Caring horse owners wants to provide their beloved horses with all the comforts they need.  Clean water, lush pastures, quality grain, plenty of exercise and maybe a few tasty treats to spoil them right. But what about shade during hot summer days?  Do horses even need shade?  After all, how […]

9 Best Horse Bits For Comfort And Control

If you are trying to choose the right bit for a new horse or need to change up what your current horse is using, you’ve come to the right place.  There are so many styles, sizes and materials to choose from that it can make picking the best bit for […]