Author: Kendle

Dress Right For Horseback Riding: Clothing To Avoid 

Guess what!  There are no strict dress codes for the average equestrian when horse backing riding!  You can technically wear whatever you want.  However, comfort and safety should always be your top priority, regardless of how or where you ride. Specific riding disciplines are more comfortable with certain types of […]

How To Pick Up Horse Manure The Easy Way

When it comes to barn chores, every horse owner has to deal with horse manure.  And the more horses you own, the more poop there is.  You may find picking up horse manure an enjoyable task while others absolutely dread the entire process of scooping and dumping manure.  Not to […]

9 Best Trail Saddle Pads Actually Worth Buying

Before saddling up for that long trail ride, ask yourself this important question.  Is my tack adequate for the comfort and health of my horse?  After all, they’re the one doing the walking and hard work.   A properly fitted saddle pad is just as important as the fit of […]

Do Horses Need Salt: Here’s The Truth

The truth is, you’re probably not giving your horse enough salt.  I know I wasn’t.  A single trace mineral block out in the pasture doesn’t cut it.  These rough blocks are designed for cattle not horses and your horse could be seriously lacking in the salt department. My horse was […]

Best Horse Breeds For Every Kind of Rider

No two riders are alike.  We all have different riding styles, interests and personalities.  Horses are equally diverse and it’s important to match yourself to the right horse.  With over 350 breeds to choose from, picking just one is difficult to say the least.  Especially, if you are new to […]

Best Grain For Horses: Don’t Settle For Less

Hay is the standard feed for horses but grain is a close second.  And given the choice, your horse will gobble up the grain first, each and every time.   Every horse owner I know feeds a different type of grain to their horses.  With all these opinions and options, […]