Author: Kendle

Can You Put Goldfish In Your Horse’s Water Trough

Keeping your horse’s water trough clean is extremely important.  Yet, most of us would rather spend time riding than doing chores.  Finding easy alternatives that help keep water tanks cleaner for longer is an aspiring goal and ongoing issue. If you ask enough horse owners, someone will eventually tell you […]

Are Horses Scared Of Loud Noises: Helping Your Horse Cope

Our modern world is a very noisy place.  Everything from car traffic to fireworks bombardes our senses on a daily basis.  If you find noises disturbing then it seems reasonable that horses do too. But you may wonder, are horses actually scared of loud noises?   Most horses not accustomed […]

Does A Horse Always Need Shoes: Hoof Care Knowledge

Hoof care is critical when it comes to maintaining the overall health of your horse.  One of the most frequently asked questions I hear from other equestrians is whether their horse actually needs shoes.  This depends and is not always a cut and dry answer.  Not all horses require shoes […]