Author: Kendle

Is It Safe To Walk Behind A Horse

If you are new to the world of horses, the first thing you’ll want to learn is how to interact safely around them.  Horses are large animals and sometimes injure people who don’t pay attention.  A horse’s biggest defense is kicking with their powerful hind legs. I always heard horror […]

Fly Masks For Horses: Do They Need Them

Where there are horses, there are flies.  I hate seeing these biting insects swarming around my horse’s face, especially at the corners of his eyes.  This has to be annoying and even uncomfortable at times.   Wanting to help ease his discomfort, I retrieved his fly mask and suddenly thought […]

Should Horses Be Blanketed In The Winter

As the weather turns colder, I see my horse seeking out morning sun spots more frequently.  Obviously, standing in the warm sun rays feels good but as winter approaches should I start blanketing him to help keep him warm?   There is much to be said and many opinions on […]

Is It Bad For Horses To Walk On Pavement

You wouldn’t think twice about taking a ride on your horse in wide open pastures, dirt arenas or mountain trails.  But what about on hard asphalt or concrete?   I wanted to ride my horse on a paved trail but I’ve heard it’s not good for them.  I decided to […]