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5 Ways To Instantly Stop A Horse From Biting

Horses have unique and sometimes quirky personalities.  Some are stubborn, some are ornery and some even have the propensity to bite.  However, a biting horse is not something you should tolerate.  This habit is not only dangerous for you, it can hurt other people. But don’t worry.  There are simple […]

Are Horses Scared Of Loud Noises: Helping Your Horse Cope

Our modern world is a very noisy place.  Everything from car traffic to fireworks bombardes our senses on a daily basis.  If you find noises disturbing then it seems reasonable that horses do too. But you may wonder, are horses actually scared of loud noises?   Most horses not accustomed […]

Is It Safe To Walk Behind A Horse

If you are new to the world of horses, the first thing you’ll want to learn is how to interact safely around them.  Horses are large animals and sometimes injure people who don’t pay attention.  A horse’s biggest defense is kicking with their powerful hind legs. I always heard horror […]