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What Are The 5 Best Horse Treats For Any Horse

I’ve given my horses lots of treats over the years.  One thing I have learned is that not all horses like all treats.  Pickiness is not limited to little kids.  Horses develop taste preferences too and our goal as riders and owners is to strike a balance between taste and […]

Should I Ride My Horse Everyday: What A Healthy Horse Needs

Just about every horse owner dreams of long rides and countless hours of galloping through beautiful pastures.  But once reality sets in, you have probably realized that riding everyday is not always possible or practical.  We all get busy with life, work and family. But that brings up a good […]

Do You Need Horse Riding Lessons: An Honest Answer

Once you venture into the world of horseback riding, you’ll quickly discover that there is far more to it than just hopping on your horse and galloping across the country side.  Obviously, a well trained horse is critical but all the instructors I know argue that a well trained rider […]

Dress Right For Horseback Riding: Clothing To Avoid 

Guess what!  There are no strict dress codes for the average equestrian when horse backing riding!  You can technically wear whatever you want.  However, comfort and safety should always be your top priority, regardless of how or where you ride. Specific riding disciplines are more comfortable with certain types of […]

Best Horse Breeds For Every Kind of Rider

No two riders are alike.  We all have different riding styles, interests and personalities.  Horses are equally diverse and it’s important to match yourself to the right horse.  With over 350 breeds to choose from, picking just one is difficult to say the least.  Especially, if you are new to […]