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9 Best Trail Saddle Pads Actually Worth Buying

Before saddling up for that long trail ride, ask yourself this important question.  Is my tack adequate for the comfort and health of my horse?  After all, they’re the one doing the walking and hard work.   A properly fitted saddle pad is just as important as the fit of […]

9 Best Horse Saddles That Every Trail Rider Will Love

Trail riding is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable types of horse back riding.  Miles of trails and beautiful scenery make every minute worth the ride.  However, long hours in a poorly designed saddle will make you regret that all day adventure.  Staying comfortable is easier than you think […]

Today’s Cost Of Owning A Horse: Numbers You Need To Know

Before purchasing your first horse, it is important to understand the entire financial commitment this entails.  Many people overlook the monthly and annual costs it takes to responsibly own a horse.  According to many experienced horse owners, owning a horse costs $215 – $375 a month or $2,580 – $4,500 […]

How Much Does A Horse Cost: Horses For Every Budget

If you are thinking about buying a horse for the first time, you might experience sticker shock when you start searching the classifieds.  Good quality horses are not cheap!  There are a lot of horses out there to choose from but how much do you actually have to pay for […]