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Why Does My Horse Eat Dirt (Should I Be Worried)

Horses do all sorts of strange things that baffle their owners.  Some behavior is normal and other behavior is downright alarming. Yet, there is usually a reason for what they do and it’s up to us to understand and help our equine friends. One of the most worrisome things I […]

5 Clear Signs Your Horse Is Bored And How To Solve It

Any equine enthusiast can tell you that horses are intelligent animals who crave attention just like people.  While horses generally tolerate solitude pretty well, that does’t mean they don’t get bored.  Especially, horses kept in stalls or small paddocks. Your horse certainly doesn’t need to be entertained every minute of […]

What Are The 5 Best Horse Treats For Any Horse

I’ve given my horses lots of treats over the years.  One thing I have learned is that not all horses like all treats.  Pickiness is not limited to little kids.  Horses develop taste preferences too and our goal as riders and owners is to strike a balance between taste and […]

Is Your Horse Rubbing Their Tail: Here’s How To Fix It

Ever have an itch that scratching just won’t relieve?  If so, then the next time you see your horse enthusiastically rubbing his tail on a fence board, you’ll know how he feels.  It’s not simply boredom.  There is probably a good reason for all that rubbing and you might want […]

Do Horses Need Shade: Here Are The Facts You Need

Caring horse owners wants to provide their beloved horses with all the comforts they need.  Clean water, lush pastures, quality grain, plenty of exercise and maybe a few tasty treats to spoil them right. But what about shade during hot summer days?  Do horses even need shade?  After all, how […]