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How To Pick Up Horse Manure The Easy Way

When it comes to barn chores, every horse owner has to deal with horse manure.  And the more horses you own, the more poop there is.  You may find picking up horse manure an enjoyable task while others absolutely dread the entire process of scooping and dumping manure.  Not to […]

Best Fencing For Horses: Everything You Need to Know

You can’t keep a horse on a leash like a dog.  At least, not full time.  Your horse needs a safe place at home to walk around and graze freely without wandering off.  That’s why most horse owners opt for a fenced in pasture.  Yet, choosing the best fencing for […]

How Do You Fix A Muddy Pasture: Here’s The Truth

A little bit of rain and a horse in a field equals a whole lot of mud.  Whether you have grass or dirt in the paddock, managing mud can be challenging.  Not only is it uncomfortable for your horse, it makes your chores that much harder. Building a horse area […]

How To Keep Your Horse’s Water From Freezing

Keeping your horse’s water tank clean and full is a chore in itself.  Add breaking ice during the freezing winter months and you have a full time job.  Access to clean water is especially important for your horse when the weather turns cold but it can be challenging for you […]

Can You Put Goldfish In Your Horse’s Water Trough

Keeping your horse’s water trough clean is extremely important.  Yet, most of us would rather spend time riding than doing chores.  Finding easy alternatives that help keep water tanks cleaner for longer is an aspiring goal and ongoing issue. If you ask enough horse owners, someone will eventually tell you […]